Information about Podmatch

How it works

How it works

Broadcast Your Needs
Post a listing to let others know who you are, the kind of pod you're hoping to create, and answer questions about how you're living in this pandemic era. Think of your post as your personal profile on a dating website.

If you're a parent seeking families to pod with
  • First, decide whether you're seeking a social or academic pod. 
  • Select your child's age group, or if you're seeking a mixed age pod, select Mixed age
  • If you're seeking to create a parent co-op, simply want playmates for your child, or are just here to match with a family first, select Family seeking pod partners
  • If you have already hired a nanny or instructor, select Family offering nanny share or Family offering academic pod with teacher/tutor

If you're a caregiver or instructor seeking families
  • Select Caregivers, Tutors, and Instructors Available
  • Select the care or instruction type you're offering. If you are able to guide an established curriculum, select Tutor. If you are a credentialed teacher who can help create or supplement a curriculum, select Instructor.

Find Your Match
Use the left hand column to filter listings by responses that are important to you for managing risk, or click into individual categories to narrow by the pod partners you're seeking, whether it's another family hoping to pair for social reasons, another family with students in the same grade as yours, or a tutor who can help guide your child through distance learning. Use the top bar to search by location, or click into the map view to find families near you.

Dive deeper by clicking on individual listings to see if they're the right fit for you. If it is, you can message the poster directly to learn more!

Once you've taken the match to the next level by sending the family a message, discover whether the family is a good fit for you by discussing their preferences for podding up in greater depth. Do the kids like each other? Do you like the other parents? Do you share common parenting or teaching styles, or can you learn and grow from each other? If you’re going to pod up, it makes sense to choose families that help make your quarantine experience richer and help ease your and your kids' mental health.

We're Matched
Once you've decided to move forward with a family, it's time to get into the nitty gritty with some ground rules and commitments. Share details about your daily life and the precautions your household takes, and commit to letting each other know if anything changes. The key to a successful pod is honesty and communication.

We desperately need your feedback!
As this is a new marketplace, we greatly appreciate your feedback! If you have  inquiries or concerns in your interactions with prospective pod families that aren't covered by the existing survey questions, please send them to

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