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Matching With Families, Caregivers, and Instructors

This is a free site to connect with other members of your community to help create regular learning or social structure for our kids based on similar household profiles and risk tolerance. It's something like Airbnb meets Okcupid (is that still cool anymore?).

When you create a listing, you'll answer questions about what kind of pod arrangements you're seeking, what adjustments if any you've made during this pandemic, and information about members of your household or existing pod. Much like a dating profile (like in those olden days when dating wasn't a hazard to your health and safety), you can share details about who you are and what kind of pod you're hoping to create in your listing. To find other like-minded families, filter by their responses in the left hand column, filter by location in the top bar, and click into the listings to see more questions answered.

We ask for an account sign-up in order to ensure the posts stay private to the community.

We're interested in hearing YOUR feedback in order to create a useful and inclusive tool for all families. Please share by sending an email to or messaging us through the Contact Us page. Thank you!

If this marketplace supports you and your family, consider making a one-time contribution to help us make this experience work for families like yours.

About Us

Podmatch is created by Chi Nguyen, a working parent based in the San Francisco Bay Area who has worked on user data privacy issues for the last 10 years. Chi was motivated to create this site by a mom friend who wished for a tool to help navigate the challenges of "dating" other families to find the right pod match.

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Podmatch is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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